Help us fill soil survey gaps

A big thank you to to everyone who has submitted results for the soil and earthworm survey. Nearly 4,000 surveys so far!

Your results have helped us understand more about soil properties and the distribution of earthworms across the country.

However, there are some areas of the country where we have received very few surveys (see the map below), so we'd love your help to fill these 'gaps'.

Can you help us turn this map black?

  • Dark areas show places where we've received large numbers of surveys
  • White areas show places with very few surveys submitted

White areas show places where we need more survey results.

Any new surveys you can do will be extremely useful, even in the black areas - as your findings will help improve the patterns we have already found. However, surveys in the grey or white areas, would be particularly valuable to our research,

If you have done the survey in the past but have not yet submitted your results, it’s not too late. Please dig out those old survey answer sheets and send us your results.

The best time of year to do the survey is the spring or autumn when the soil is moist, and you'll find more earthworms. So, why not get outside in the next few months and contribute to our research?