Introducing the OPAL Data Explorer

Our new data visualisation tool puts OPAL data back into your hands.

What do lichens say about the air quality on your street? Has the invasive New Zealand flatworm spread to your neighbourhood?  See your local area in a new light thanks to over 41,000 environmental records collected by OPAL’s citizen scientists, now available on the OPAL Data Explorer.

OPENER invites you to shape environmental research

You may have collected data on earthworms, pond dipped or searched for bugs under your plant pots through OPAL surveys; now a new initiative is looking for new ways in which you can contribute to scientific research on the major environmental challenges facing the planet. This year long project, called OPENER, will identify ways that researchers can involve people at all stages of the research process.

Unify citizen science approaches to collect more meaningful data, say tree health experts

Information collected by volunteers can be of huge value to government in developing policies to control the growing number of pests and diseases affecting the UK’s trees. But to ensure that this data can be put to good use, there is a clear need for ‘citizen science’ projects to adopt consistent approaches to data collection.


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