My 15 minutes of fame!!!

Ooooh, I’m going to be famous!

For the past year or so, the BBC has been filming staff at the Natural History Museum for a new documentary called Museum of Life (the picture above is of the presenters, in the central hall at the museum).  I’ve been filmed at a couple of OPAL events - the launch of the Earthworm Society of Britain in Hyde Park last October, and our 24 hour BioBlitz survey last summer.  We’ve just had a sneak preview of the documentary and I think I've made the final cut!  How exciting!  My 15 minutes (more like 5 seconds) of fame…

The documentary is in six parts and uncovers all the behind the scenes work that scientists at the museum do whilst the public are busy enjoying the gallery displays. The series starts this Thursday 18th March at 8pm on BBC2, so make sure you tune in and keep an eye out for me!