Did anyone watch Museum of Life on BBC2 last night?  It's a documentary about the Natural History Museum that shows all the interesting things our scientists are up to. The programme featured the Wembury Bioblitz (a 24 hour wildlife survey) organised by me, my manager John and the Marine Biological Association last summer. You can read more about it if you scroll back through my earlier blog posts. John got all the limelight but there are lots of shots of me in the background too.  If you notice a young man yawning away - that's the OPAL web editor Chris (he was having a great time - honest!  He didn't even stay up for the whole 24 hours with us - lazy!)

You can watch the series on BBC iPlayer. The Bioblitz was in episode 4, but OPAL was also in episode 1 in the part about the Earthworm Society of Britain.  I'm in that bit talking about how I only caught six worms at the World Worm Charming Championships.  What a thing to be on TV for! 

We're in full swing planning for this year's bioblitzes now (two of them!), so the documentary hopefully has inspired a few people to get involved.  The Alexandra Palace Bioblitz in London takes place on 5th June as part of the BBC Springwatch Wild Day Out.  We're also not ones to miss an excuse to go to the beach, so we're doing another coastal bioblitz a little further east from Wembury at Mothecombe Bay on 12th June.  If you're free, please come along and take part!



Yawning? Me??

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Thats what happens when i dont get my 10 hours of beauty sleep!